friday likes 29/3/13

it’s FRIDAY! and most of you will probably be enjoying a nice eastery weekend off, so I hope you all have a lovely one. me? I have to work, but I don’t mind, because we all know that a) i’m a workaholic, b) my job rocks, and c) all of my friends are there. so right now I am blasting out the ramones in a semi-tidy room (a mammoth achievement for me) and waiting for nails to dry before I dash out the door; this week has blown by so fast because I’ve been consulting relatives about funeral things, working my butt off and reading greek myths like a fiend every morning. I’ve seen a lot of my favourite people, who have all been very lovely, and been working on a new top secret writing project. exciting! I have a substantial whack of time off towards the end of this weekend and I am supremely excited about it. lie ins! cooking! going out for fun drinks with my boys! lovely. here’s what’s been keeping me smiling this week:

tea and orange hot cross buns! i'll post the recipe for these over the weekend!

tea and orange hot cross buns! i’ll post the recipe for these over the weekend!

cacti are so cute! we have some in the pub and I’ve got some in my kitchen and room at the moment, in cute blue planters; I have nicknamed them Steve, Trevor and Harold. They’re megacute.

the art of cheese on toast in complex and nuanced, as any brit will tell you. and the bit about drunk cheese on toast slayed me; it was a massive student tradition to risk burning the house down in the pursuit of dairy and carbs.

So I’ll happily take lessons from a teenager on how to do my eyebrows. To be honest though I only define them if i’m going out, I’m blessed with pretty great bone structure anyway so I don’t have to really make the effort (I know, I know, I’ll shut up now)

my new ten quid charity shop jacket. 100% pure new wool. one word: SCORE.

my new ten quid charity shop jacket. 100% pure new wool. one word: SCORE.

it’s the season for chocolate! every Christmas I make my family a batch of my killer chocolate truffles, so I was quite surprised to find my recipe is not far off the ‘perfect’ recipe. and I thought, why don’t I make some for easter? for like, my housemates? so maybe these will make an appearance over the weekend.

Or maybe I’ll go out on a limb and make this instead, I love the crazy colours of the white one and it has baby goldbears in it! I love goldbears!

David Lynch babes! Everytime I put on my favourite blue velvet dress I automatically wanna channel Rosselini and be all mysterious and take my kinks out on the dudes I hang around with and wear too much red lipstick. Oh, the power of film inspiration.

This has inspired me to paint up an old pair of shoes I bought in Barcelona a few years back for cheap. But what to paint?

Being a massively noisy bastard this week. YEAH!


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