friday likes 15/3/13

Woah! It’s Friday again, as if! This week has been action packed to say the least. Spending heaps of time at work while Neil was a) in Lisbon, b) struck with man flu, and c) off to Copenhagen. Which is it’s own kind of fun because it means I rule the roost and that’s it’s own kind of freedom really. Not to mention the early half of this week I had my belated birthday drinks with my friends (including one of my old bartenders, back from California, so exciting), and spent some time catching up with a friend who had just been to Germany to see family. Other than that it’s been cooking and books and not much else, even superwomen like me can only do so much in one day. I’m feeling super optimistic though, we’re trialling new staff at the moment and we’re getting a new housemate in our wonderful 21b this weekend. Everything feels suffused full of change at the moment; I actually love it!

A Beautiful Mess is the best place to go for styled updos (part of becoming an adult is realizing I now have to do things like ‘styled updos’ for work a lot). They’ve rounded up all their best hair tutorials here.

speaking of hair, mine is getting back to super long mermaid status. result!

speaking of hair, mine is getting back to super long mermaid status. result!

What do you think about taking photographs of your dinner? I personally do it, I think it’s a compliment to the chef if I wanna show off to my friends about what I’ve got for tea while they eat their beans on toast (cos that’s what it’s all about, no?), but I can see why people might think it was irritating. Wouldn’t mind one of the classes though; is anyone else a secret food paparazzi?

This Tokyo travel diary is amazing. The colours!

I enjoyed this series of thoughts on colour in food. This may be a hangover from being vegetarian but I feel a bit odd if there is no green on my plate; it just seems like such an appealing, health giving colour. Also, multi-coloured sweets taste better, that’s why we eat more, duh!

Weirdly, I have been having a lot of conversations about personal branding at the moment. I have been in denial about self marketing for a while and am slowly starting to embrace it.

me and my mama bear being hair twins back in the day. what did you do for mother's day?

me and my mama bear being hair twins back in the day. what did you do for mother’s day?

St. Patrick’s day is my cousins birthday first, and the day the pub gets inundated with inept part time drinkers second. I liked this piece on better stouts than Guinness a lot; there are so many more flavourful, wonderful beers you could be having, and Guinness is owned by Diageo, who are about as Irish as Linguine a la Vongole. My favourite stouts at the moment are Arbor’s Oyster Stout, which comes from Bristol, and Summer Wine’s Barista Stout, which we handily have on cask at the pub at the moment.

A quick ‘n’ dirty nail art tutorial (this article mentions angled brushes; my top tip in the face of unwieldy brushes on nail varnish is to diy trim. also, best brushes for my money are opi and rimmel if you’re a nail dunce). When I get bored of annihilating my nails in the glitter sensation that is American apparel’s galaxy i’m gonna try this with some sickly summer pastels.

‘every day is fucking perfect/it’s a paradise/watch my life like it’s a movie/have to watch it twice’…. summer is coming and I can hear it, let’s bring back this collaboration and play it at all our parties, yeah??

I have been listening to this in bed a lot. Especially in the morning with the windows wide open. Reminds me of this time last year; sticking heart stickers in my diary and hanging out with my most laidback, mood enhancing friends.  Spring is sprung.


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