Friday Likes:8/3/13

It’s Friday! And it might be raining in London, but I’ve had ever such a nice week. It was blazingly sunny for my birthday and I saw my mum and my brother and a whole host of my favourites. I managed, last weekend, to spend some solid time with my housemates, catching up on all the events of their lives with wide eyes and open ears. I’ve been wearing my hair loose and not worrying about things, reading Greek myths with my coffee every morning, and walking all over my city in my big boots, taking in what it has to offer wherever I can. This weekend is going to be exciting too, after we host a 40th for a very nice man in the Whippet, I’ll be spending Sunday having belated birthday drinks with my friends in my favourite pub in Kentish town. here’s what’s been part of my whirlwind week of joy:

Neal's Yard colour spotting: green!

Neal’s Yard colour spotting: green!

I really want to make some of this toy animal jewellery! I could make a series of whippets to wear to work; gold, leopard print, neon, what do you think??

Most of Natalie’s articles on xojane crack me up. This reminds me of when I used to work retail.

Neal's Yard colour spotting: Blue!

Neal’s Yard colour spotting: Blue!

So, come summer, who wants cucumber margaritas??

I’m so down with this defence of the selfie! I take ’em to record outfits and see what works and what doesn’t, plus it’s cool to have a record of your appearance; but I like the idea of them being a way to be visible, to be pleased with how you look, too.

So, the Nanban whippy-san social is this weekend! There was a vote on which flavours to have and literally all the ones I went for got voted in. I’m going to try and pop down on Sunday before my birthday drinks. Anyone fancy it?

Neal's Yard colour spotting: Yellow! (my favourite)

Neal’s Yard colour spotting: Yellow! (my favourite)

On not leaving the house. So true.

I want to make lots of gold glittery household projects.

Neal's Yard colour spotting: Orange!

Neal’s Yard colour spotting: Orange!

My supertalented Bostonion friend Evan has started combining fiction and music. I love what he’s done; such a cool idea, no?

This looks like pretty much the kind of pub I want to run one day. Food made with produce from local farmers? Local beer? Maybe I would have more colour involved, but that’s just my magpie self coming through (I always said the pub I eventually run will be painted pastel yellow, like the first pub I fell in love with).

So I have been channeling my pop side when I get ready at the moment. Absolutely nothing wrong with a bit of Gwen Stefani; I might even put it on my ever-girlier playlist at work.

Speaking of work playlists, Neil’s is full of early Cure and then this, which takes me back to being about fifteen.


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