daydream believer.

Tony Buzan On Daydreaming from The School of Life on Vimeo.

I live in daydreams. I pretty much always have. My mum says my first school sports day was hilarious, because I spent the running race unconcerned with much but watching the clouds as I slowly made my way to the finish line. I remember being little, spending ages in the garden, lying in the daffodil beds like a baby Wordsworth, and having myself a good hard think. I’m lucky to have been bought up in a family environment where this quality of mine was allowed to persist, and throughout my teens, daydreaming became a coping mechanism through hard times at school. I needed it, to focus on how things wouldn’t always be the way they were; and to see myself outside of the environment in which no one really liked me. In adult life daydreams still play a big part in proceedings, and I am immediately attracted to anything and anyone that seems to have that floaty, not-always-there, demeanour.

I can still be found lapsing into daydreams all over the city; smoking on the doorstep in the mornings, or on the bus, when I’m polishing cutlery or putting away stock at work, and in those perfect solo moments with a coffee or beer on my own in a crowded place. They’re a vital part of my existence and I’m not sure who I’d be without my imagination. if my life was a movie I am sure it would be at least 40 percent dream sequence.

Watching this talk and being encouraged to use those daydreams was a lightbulb moment for me. I’d daydream anyway, but being told it’s a useful skill? Perfect. So if, like me, you’re prone to letting your head drift up into the clouds at every given opportunity, give this a watch and let me know what you think…


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