friday likes 22/2/13

So, it’s the last week in February, if you can believe it! I’m having a lot of trouble figuring out where my month has gone; I feel a little like I’ve hardly stopped. This week has been wonderful though, there’s been so much that’s made me lose my breath. Visiting the science museum with a younger relative and looking at things through a kiddo’s eyes for a bit, standing outside on Saturday night drinking beer without a coat on talking to a man who writes poems and books, listening to Fleetwood Mac and smoking cigarettes out of the top floor window of an old hotel in Russell Square, singing and dancing around to my playlist at work and having a Swedish lady tell me, on the busiest solo shift I’ve worked in ages, that it was ‘a joy to watch me work’. I’m feeling very content to be me at the moment, and the things that are making my heart swell are just icing, you know? Because I’ve been so busy being blissed out, I’m not sure how much there’ll be in my reading roundup, but here we go anyway folks, happy Friday!

a love note, for me, found at the pub on sunday morning.

a love note, for me, found at the pub on sunday morning.

People always tell me I look like Paloma Faith (I take it as a compliment, she probably takes longer to get ready than I do!), so I tend to idly follow news articles about her. I liked this one about food; she woos people with cooking, too!

I like the idea of instigating a conversation with Andy Warhol about Smarties, a lot.

beautiful blue windowframes on a cold morning walk through Bloomsbury.

beautiful blue windowframes on a cold morning walk through Bloomsbury.

I loved this piece on feminism through female movement in hiphop and r’n’b dancing. I had a friend in Northampton, Laura, who used to engage in back and forths with me about suh-weet moves from artists like Aaliyah and Ciara all the time. And Janet Jackson is pretty much always going to be the queen of it.

Jay Rayner’s waxing lyrical about dishes we cook over and over made me think; my housemate Andrew has a chilli he makes regularly that’s really good, and my comfort recipes are probably refried black beans, Nigella Lawson’s double potato and halloumi bake, and any and all variants on involtini. All vegetarian, and all things I learned at university.

This is my favourite building in Kings Cross. I have been doing a lot of colour spotting lately.

This is my favourite building in Kings Cross. I have been doing a lot of colour spotting lately.

Kris Atomic’s photos of Orla Kiely’s A/W ’13 (beehives! pastely brights! knits and florals) , and Tata Naka’s Aw ’13 (all those block prints and stripes! The use of colour! those mental brogues and boots!) make me want to go shopping IMMEDIATELY.

I have always found the supermarket ‘ripe and ready’ price justification absolutely criminal. Why jack up the price of something that will have to be thrown away if not bought in literally a matter of days? it just adds to the wastage supermarkets are notorious for. I buy my veggies from greengrocers, because then I never buy beyond what I need, not to mention I can choose my produce’s level of ripeness with no differentiation in price (unless it’s glut season, in which case the riper ones are often cheaper).


Cheering myself up with 30p daffodils on my bulging bookcase. Spring is coming!

I lived on iced tea last summer. Here’s how to cold brew it, if you don’t know. Come on weather, warm up, so I can make this part of my routine again!

I found this piece on chain coffee culture and employment very interesting, but I think it’s incredibly lazy journalism to compare the jobs of baristas and bartenders. The two skills and knowledge sets are different, the nature of the service is different, and both industries vary so widely from small scale independents to huge chains, that it literally boggles the mind as to why they’d be compared. it makes about as much sense to claim that coffee shops are the new pubs as it does to say phone shops are the new clothes shops.

so Sunday in the hour I set up the pub I put on Florence really loud and just sang along at the top of my lungs while no one was around to hear me. Imagine a little redhead in an empty bar flipping chairs down and belting along to this? if anyone had come in they probably wouldn’t have known what was going on, ha. Also, can you just give me her wardrobe and ability to channel weird deathly renaissance motifs, please? Thanks.

I have clearly been having a weird, unearthly lady moment because this is another song I have been listening to ridiculous amounts lately. I think the sun coming out is making me rediscover my witch powers.

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