friday likes 1/2/13

So it’s Friday again, already, oh my gosh. This week has whirled by so fast I’m still not sure it didn’t take half of next week with it. And it’s the end of January too! Which I’m slightly glad of, I need a new start and a fresh page on the calendar already; it always makes me feel just that little bit more braced when things get too hectic. Plus it’s the season of valentines, which I don’t care about except all the things I would normally buy will have red hearts on them, which I sort of like. It’s been a really busy week at the pub so socially I’ve not had much time to get out there and do things which may go some way towards explaining why this week’s roundup of reads and bits and bobs is so thoroughly lengthy.

I am having a total vintage chiffon moment with my wardrobe.

I am having a total vintage chiffon moment with my wardrobe.

my god I genuinely love Ellen DeGeneres for all of these reasons

when the real world gets a bit much I tend to retreat into a bit of a fantasyland where I can. So this piece from Rookie magazine on fantasy heroines was conveniently timed.

Angelina Ballerina was one of the first books I learned to read, what a total nostalgia trip!

So I have been thinking about finance and living within my means for quite some time. This article was extremely insightful, and I may make a six month savings plan one of my goals for my 25th year (as the birthday looms ever closer).

I found this article on wine pricing rang very true. I try to go for slightly lesser known grape varieties when I’m looking for supermarket wine, because I am convinced they overprice the familiars to take advantage of people’s unwillingness to step out of their comfort zone.

Apparently there is some surprise at the difference between drinking guidelines in different countries. I’m not that surprised, myself. different countries have different attitudes to alcohol and there a million factors in how governments conduct research and allocate money. Surely that’s not rocket science?

I think I’m more annoyed at articles like this now that I have given up vegetarianism than when I was one. Either you eat meat, or you don’t. So claim the title, or don’t. The most annoying travelling companion I ever had was a ‘vegetarian’ girl in Barcelona, who ate seafood, but ‘not the gross stuff with faces or shells’. People shouldn’t use fussy eating habits or squeamishness to claim moral high ground.

Daily Dishonesty cracked me up. I have used so many of these. Self restraint is not in my vocabulary.

Sherman Alexie is releasing new stories and I couldn’t be more excited. I read The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven for my undergraduate degree and fell in love, so I can’t wait.

On that note, conveniently just after I finished And You Shall Know Our Velocity!, Dave Eggers has new work out too. And there was an interview with him in the Guardian, which I completely devoured.

I needed this article on inspired living this week. Sometimes it’s hard to maintain that feeling of being in love with your life, but working at it is never impossible.

And if like me, your behaviour hasn’t been too saintly this week; no matter. At least you can make your own halo.

I loved this article on wearing makeup. I wear makeup because it’s so brightly coloured, it makes me feel otherworldly or like I’m in costume. Not because I feel ugly. if I feel ugly makeup doesn’t help one bit. It’s weird how people don’t understand that you can use something that could be seen as a tool of oppression in your own unique way.

so I have been rewatching it’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia with a friend, and I keep getting the Dayman song stuck in my head at inappropriate times and laughing to myself.

My days this week have been filled with a lot of listening to Marquee Moon and staring out the window. This song is just too, too, perfect. ‘I don’t wanna grow up, there’s too much contradiction’.


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