friday likes 11/1/13


It does feel a little bit like a cop out, having my first proper post be a weekly round up of what I have been reading (especially as it is a fairly small one), but nonetheless it had to begin somewhere, and the pub is not showing any signs of a January business drought so there has unexpectedly been no lifestyle to blog about thus far. Unless of course you enjoy hearing about endless piles of laundry and last minute manicure/lunch/paperwork combos before the dash to the bus. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love it, but it has been a bit of a surprise to the boys and I, who were expecting a restful month. Anyway, in between manic bouts of multitasking and heavy duty evening shifts, here is what I have been occupying myself with this week:

-yesterday the chap who wrote this article in the summer came in and gave us a copy; I am incredibly happy with the fact that our little craft beer corner of the capital made it over the pond in such a big way (and Neil was incredibly happy that the North of England got a holla with regards it).

-speaking of which, as somebody who is in hospitality and very interested in the choices people in the industry make, this guardian piece on the current British love affair with American style food caught my eye. What does everybody think? I’m happy to grab burgers and milkshakes and other such treats but I don’t feel I’ve turned my back on Great British culinary stalwarts either (or maybe I just don’t ever say no to food? It could be that).

-Rookie magazine always makes me wish I was a teenager again, but this piece on dating older men made me remember it’s not all fun and games. Not to mention made me wonder where the serious resources on such matters were when I was young; those girls are performing a very important role in the discussion space they have created. I still wonder about age gaps myself, not being of the type to date in my age group, and still found some of the topics raised incredibly interesting to think about.

-I also love their piece on Josephine Baker, a total iconic woman. I remember spending hours looking at her dances on youtube as part of a piece on race, gender, and passing during my masters, and falling a bit in love.

-Another eye catcher for me this week was the A Beautiful Mess year roundup. I love the diy projects those girls get up to and am tempted to try the coloured chalkboard paint out for myself for plant pots in the garden this summer. Not to mention they have one of my red hair icons on their staff.

-I also, despite being a bit of a cocktail purist, would definitely countenance their Blood Orange Bloody Mary. Especially at this time of year when I am craving colour and light in my life (and because it reminds me a lot of sangrita and I am a bit of a tequila fiend).

other things

been having a bit of a blast from the past and listening to friendly fires lately. I think this is this year’s perfect January song.

likewise prince. I want pretty much every outfit in this video and have been getting dressed to this song every morning as a result.

anyhow folks, have a lovely Friday! I am off to the pub to help Holborn get their weekend started with a bang!


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