hello, baby

tumblr_mfc3kuNqrD1qb3ln9o1_400 (2)hello world. my name is Kirsty Louise Mitchell. i’m 24 years old and I live in London. I work as the assistant manager in a craft beer bar in Holborn. The things I enjoy talking about and doing are various, but I mainly apply myself to cooking, fashion, and literature, and all the areas in which they overlap.

I have always used the internet to document my comings, goings, and doings, so I thought this year I should try and start doing it properly, so to speak, and have everything all in one place. So I guess I will start by saying a little bit about myself.

As I have already mentioned, I am in the hospitality industry, specifically in the ever growing craft beer market. I’ve been working in hospitality for roughly 5 years now, and I still can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing. It’s just such a friendly environment and the emphasis is on making sure people have a good time, so it is really easy to stay upbeat at work. The craft beer environment was new to me last year, but I had a fledgling knowledge of beer, very definite tastes, and a desire to learn that has meant trying lots of new things, reading lots of new books, and talking to lots of new people.

I didn’t plan to work in hospitality, I actually come from an academic background. It was over the course of my critical theory masters at the university of Sussex that I started finding it made me miserable; it was quite an isolating experience for me, so although the study was rewarding I left it behind to save my sanity, and now that I’m living in a city I’m in love with, doing what I like every day, I feel good almost all the time. And that’s a pretty good way to be, huh?

So what sort of things am I going to be talking about here? well, definitely fashion and style (I am a magpie for sequins and fake fur and feathers and anything over the top really), probably hospitality stuff, as I am permanently on the quest to find new favourite pubs and restaurants, some home cooking, because it is the thing that makes me most happy in the world, and most definitely books because you can take the girl out of university but you can’t take university out of the girl. I am almost certain there will be other things because I am not much of a planner, I just do whatever feels right, and I am sure I will settle into a rhythm on here eventually. So hello, it’s nice to meet you…


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